Classic Car photoshoot for Classic and Sports Car magazine

July 2014 brought a photoshoot to Shillingstone House.  We feared that all the hard work put in by the journalist Andy Roberts and the photographer Tony Baker had been in vain but last week two copies of Classic and Sports Car magazine - - popped through the letter box!  Many thanks to Andy and to Tony who sent a disk of photographs.


It was a wonderful sunny day and the chrome on the two cars sparkled.  The Ford Consul Cortina had been considered amazing value in 1963 when it went on sale - £683 for the standard version and for an extra £102 14s 6d you could buy the Super!  The Singer Vogue was a more expensive option selling at £200 more than the Consul.  Both cars were put through their paces in the afternoon when Michael took them to Holwell which boasts a long straight piece of road with verges wide enough to allow the set up the cameras. Some beautiful action shots appear in the article.

We have very fond memories of the day.