Shillingstone History Festival

September brought a History Festival to Shillingstone with incredible records and photographs on display in the Church Centre and a celebration in flowers in the village Church.

I joined our village florist, Emma Whitcher from Martha and the Meadow,( / and many other ladies from the village to celebrate historic moments of village history in flowers.

My task was to fill the porch with the many items that used to be sent up to London from Shillingstone Station and Emma's huge arrangement to commemorated the fallen from the village in World War 1 with every soldier represented by a red rose.

Other arrangements showed the Roman Villa which once stood at the Blandford end of the village, the maypole which at one time was the tallest in Dorset, the WI, the Brownies and Cricket and Football club.

Our old prams took their place by the font as we used to have a maternity home in the village.

The event was a huge success and hopefully the records will be put onto a website in the future.