Chestnut tree has to be felled.

With huge regret I have to tell everyone that the big chestnut on the tree had to be felled last month. Without warning, one side fell onto the flower bed below and the tree surgeon said that it was unsafe to leave standing.  It was in full flower and looked magnificent.

We had a wedding the following week so all hands on deck to restore order.  A huge pot was moved from elsewhere in the gardens, structures were made for the roses and new plants found.  

Once we had got beyond mourning the tree which gave us such wonderful shade for lunches and for weddings a place for babies to sleep, grandmothers to sit away from the sun or keep drink cool we realised that the view across to the Gazebo was lovely and now hardly miss it.

Shade can now be provided by our two new garden sails from Lidl in Blandford.  They are bigger than they look below and would easily take a table of drinks.  Michael can stand up underneath and he is six foot three.