Hen Parties

Beads with a Twist (Beads and wirework supplies & classes)



Cheese making classes - Louise Talbot holds four hour courses suitable for Hen Parties.  She can be found at "Cutting The Curd" -  https://www.cuttingthecurd.co.uk/


Cufflinks by Buchanan and Wilmot - http://www.buchanan-wilmot.com/

"Our products have a subtle elegance which is designed to stand the test of time. Made from titanium, brass, gold and silver, our cufflinks have a simple but effortlessly easy to use design which is as robust as it is beautiful."

Victoria Fergusson Accessories - https://www.victoriafergusson.co.uk/

Victoria Fergusson - Inspired by light and reflections, and the kaleidoscope of pattern that fills my mind. It's a small collection comprising stand alone statement pieces plus a selection of smaller pieces that offer limitless possibilities for combining and styling together. Brimming with intricate hand embroidered details and featuring muted metallic tones, seed pearls and the unmistakable sparkle of Swarovski crystal. 

Hand made from start to finish they are really beautiful.


Tel: 01722 716890
Mob: 07899 923098

Alternatively email info@victoriafergusson.co.uk