Christmas at Shillingstone

Tree up on Christmas Eve - one of the best we have ever had from our local garden centre Oasis in Child Okeford. John Harbour takes enormous care to get the perfect tree and sent the first one back as it was not large enough - he also sells a fantastic range of plants.


Decorating just done in time to go to the Christingle Service in the village church.  (Old Man's Beard woven into the garland up the stairs so fluff everywhere!)  From then on Christmas was magical, especially as our resident grand-daughter was old enough to love very moment, especially the wrapping paper!

Many of our decorations are made by Lynne Saunders who weaves the most beautiful willow creations, from baskets to decorations, here in the village of Shillingstone.  This year we added two stars for the staircase to join our angel from last year.  Lynne would be happy to weave tiny stars or hearts as Wedding Favours so contact her to find out more.  (