Sweet Pea Wedding

July brought us a wedding made very special by the amount of making put into it by the bride and groom.  The bridesmaids wore sweet pea colours and every thing else had been made to match - from the decorations in the tent to the deckchairs on the lawn!

The bridegroom had made a wonderful bar from old pallets and a huge photograph board for the law which was a great success with guests. Props had been made to use in the Photo-booth tent.

The bride and bridesmaids arrived, looking stunning, in a stretch limo - www.rrelite.co.uk. The couple had taken a huge gamble with the English weather and arranged to get married outside - the gamble paid off and a beautiful ceremony took place in the sun.

Tea followed with guests provided with their own hampers, assembled by the family the day before.   Later, after drinks and games on the lawn a wedding breakfast was served in the amazingly shaped tent provided by www.taddlefarmtents.co.uk. 

Pudding came in the form of "Stop me and Buy One" ice creams - www.chillywhite.co.uk - which were delicious.

The bride and groom had their photographs taken in the grounds by Remy from www.lovesyphotography.co.uk, who also took the last two photographs of the wedding pictures and the one of the tents at the end of the blog.

Later in the evening mobile catering van arrived and guests could chose their supper - anything from Fish and Chips to pasties were available. 


Dancing continued until midnight but the campers continued the party until 5am! 




The bride and groom spent their wedding night here too in a very stylish Bell Tent provided by Taddle Farm.

Everything seemed to be as perfect as the Bride and Groom had planned so meticulously over the months leading up to the wedding.