Simple but beautiful

The bride was very insistent that she wanted a "No Faff" wedding and that was what she achieved and the simplicity was really beautiful.  Careful planning meant that everything was in place months before.  The bride had planted some large glass bowls for every table and this and the wonderful lighting in the Capri tent that they had chosen was all that was needed. ( )

The wedding was remarkably relaxed and had a wonderfully happy feel to it.  The gardens were looking at their best with all the roses in full bloom.


The bride and groom met the Registrars in the dining room before the ceremony.


Friends and relations gathered by the gazebo before taking their seats as the bride crossed the lawn towards them.


The ceremony was conducted by Dorchester Registrars



Wonderful photographs were taken in the grounds by Adrian Feltham - email - - who took all those not marked with a white dot.


Photographs taken, guests retired to the tent for tea, produced by Littleton Caterers - Kathryn Fewings, Manor Farm Littleton, Somerton, Somerset TA11 6NP. Tel: 01458-272-741.  Marks and Spencers had produced the most beautiful cake.


The band started to play quite early.  With the side of the tent removed round the dance floor, "Johnnie be Good" floated down to the village who loved it!  -All ages took to the dance floor -  


The evening meal took the form of pizzas freshly baked in a Pizza oven set up on the drive by Pizza Dragon -  Luckily they had an awning as the skies opened just as they began serving.  It did not seem to dampen the appetites of those queuing and the pizzas were deemed delicious.

Dancing continued until midnight when some of the guests retired to the bell tents put up for them by Honey Bells -  The bridal tent was complete with a tented bed!


A barbeque breakfast was provided the next day before everyone helped to clear away.  The end to a wonderful weekend.