Long awaited wedding

The wonderful wedding we had last weekend was three years in the making but well worth the wait!  Every last detail had been thought through and it was a amazing celebration.

The marquee arrived one day earlier than usual and was organised by the bride's uncle who has a marquee firm in Cornwall.  They lined the tent with swags of cream silk and hung a sea of cream paper lanterns from the ceiling.   A very smart rustic bar was erected at one end and this was run by the same firm.  They also provided the tables and chairs etc.

Friday brought a team of family and friends to complete the decorations.  Bunting was hung round the sides of the marquee - lent by Shillingstone House - and the tables were laid.  Hessian runners crossed each one, with a slice of wood in the centre.  Onto this went jars of flowers, provided by "Just Add Flowers" - https://www.justaddflowers.co.uk - and arranged by the family.

Miniature jars of chilli jam and onion marmalade awaited the adults and pots of pencils and packs of bubbles were waiting for the children.

Table placements were displayed in a collection of old frames, sweets in huge jars with striped bags to take them away in and glass jars with large straws were laid in rows ready for Pimms the next day.

Memories were asked for in a very novel way with guests being asked to write on pieces of Jenga which the couple could play with later.  A beautiful wooden guest book was ready for other comments.

Outside the attention to detail and the sense of fun continued. A Skittle Alley was laid out on the lawn and a score card with two blow up pigs, waiting to be thrown as far as possible, was put in position by the summer house. Lights we hung in the trees and lanterns put in the border and by the benches in front of the house.  A signpost showed guests where to find everything from camping to the photo-booth which wa arranged in the gazebo.

Most of the tents were put up by guests on the Friday but not used until Saturday night.  The bride's step father brought in a huge fire-pit for the field and another for cooking breakfast on Sunday which was put in the camping field.

Saturday brought the bridegroom and friends to set out chairs before leaving for the church service.  

The Bride and Groom arrived from the Church a beautiful vintage Karmann-Ghiawhich.

Drinks were served on the lawn


With their photographs had been taken from an upstairs window of the house, the guests retired to the marquee to have their wedding breakfast, catered by Country Foods Barbeque from Swanage which I understand was delicious.(www.countryfoodsbbq.co.uk )

Pudding took the form of a "Stop one and Buy One" ice-cream bicycle which had been set up under the chestnut tree.  This proved extremely popular and extremely good - we each had one!!  (www.littlebeau-icecream.com )


A pianist played throughout the meal - Jonathan Piano Man - and wonderful sounds of the sixties and seventies drifted across the lawns - Telephone - 07936045480


Speeches finished, more photographs were taken in the walled garden and grounds by Fiona Moorey( www.fionamooreyphotography.com ) and games were played on the lawn.  (Fiona took all the pictures not marked with a dot which are in house)

I wish I could have taken some pictures of the children playing skittles - they very much had their own rules!  Croquet and Giant Jenga was lent by the Ice-cream man to add to the fun.  One tiny child managed to manoeuvre his ball with a full size mallett by picking up the ball, placing it in front of the hoop and pushing it through!

Evening guests arrived and set up their tents as well.  The evening meal took the form of a Cheese Wedding Cake put together by both mothers.  This had very little left in the morning!

They danced the night away to the sounds of The Royal T's an acoustic band from Bournemouth.  (www.theroyalts.co.uk/ ) which alternated with Temptations Disco - contact Hoss on 0773828180


Midnight brought the end of the band and the disco but nothing daunted the party continued round the fire pit in the field.  Enthusiastic singing of "Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny off a bus"  by one Scottish guest echoed out over the valley!

At about 2.30am the campers made their way to their tents with the bride and groom spending the night in the walled garden in our bell tent, choosing the blue interior this time.


Breakfast was amazing with the Bride's stepfather cooking bacon, eggs and sausages on a trivet over a fire pit.  Guests stayed afterwards to help clear up - the end of a perfectly organised, weekend which had been the greatest fun from the start.