Rain brought the ceremony into the Dining Room

By the day before it looked as if the ceremony, that was supposed to be held outside on the lawn by the gazebo, was going to have to move inside to the dining room. Luckily this was a small, ceremony only, wedding so numbers were not an issue.

With rain pouring down on the Saturday, we speedily moved and polished furniture, made the dining room table smaller and filled the dining room with flowers and plants, in time for the groom and his brother to come and organise chairs etc. for the ceremony at 4.30.  Drinks were set out in the hall, ready for the guests after the ceremony and candles lit in the dining room ready for the bride and guests to arrive.

All photographs were taken by Darima Frampton - www.darimaframpton.com

A guitarist arrived to set up in the corner of the dining room so that he could play as the bride made her entrance, during the ceremony and during drinks afterwards - the bride and groom had met with him beforehand to choose the tunes that they wanted.  They said how helpful he had been. (Peter Richardson - www.guitaristuk.co.uk )


The bride arrived to a sea of umbrellas in the porch to find her lovely little bridesmaid waiting for her in the hall.  She was wearing a wonderfully sparkly pair of pink shoes, of which she was hugely proud, and we found sequins round the house for weeks afterwards!  The bride's beautiful bouquet of dried flowers, along with the groom's buttonhole, were ordered from Etsy.  https://www.etsy.com/ie/shop/FlowerDecoupage

The ceremony took place in front of the open French Windows of the dining room.  The rain may have poured down outside but fresh air poured in, making the ceremony as near to outside as possible.

After the ceremony, drinks were served and guests braved the weather to have their photographs taken with the bride and groom on the lawn.  


The bride and groom then went off into the gardens to have their photographs taken - boots and umbrellas were the order of the day!  Nothing dampened their smiles.

Photographs taken, the bridal party departed for their wedding breakfast - the end of a fantastic if eventful day.  

Hayley's mother kindly wrote to say a big "Thank You" and said "You made the venue look wonderful, and turned what could have been a disastrous day (dreadful weather!) into an amazing event"  which made all the rushing about well worth it!